Since 2014, Guy has been performing globally as solo artist with a variety of programs. Most recently, his performances involve the exploration of his voice along with an electronic loop station. In his own signature style Guy merges elements from Stride Piano, Ottoman Makams, South Indian rhythms to Bach-styled counterpoint, Flamenco and impressionistic harmony manipulating the piano to sound at times like Kanun, Spanish guitar or a Jewish cantor.

So far, Guy has given solo concerts in a wide range of situations from house concerts to Jazz clubs to bigger venues and festivals such as the Kassel Opera House, Munich’s Gasteig, the amphi-theater of Phitagoreo, Jazz’n’Klezmer Festival, Toledo Art Museum, European Day of Jewish Culture among others. In 2016, Guy received the second prize + audience’s choice at the Montreux Jazz Festival’s solo piano competition.


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