On A Home In Between:

From the DownBeat Magazine review as the Editor’s Pick, June, 2017:

“Sterling trio album providing a window into the mind of an artist of prodigious talent and boundless ambition… the music reflects a noble prioritization of group-sound over individual… the trio has a way of infusing energy into every aspect of the music, even the silences… Mintus’ interpretations inherit a new shimmer under his arrangements which add hypnotic ostinatos, baroque flourishes and other fun house elements to these timeless melodies”

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From All About Jazz, August 2017

“Outstanding piano trio disc that heralds the arrival of a significant talent and a superb band.”

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From NY Music Daily, July 2017

“Best trio album of 2017 by a mile, so far.”

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From Midwest Records, May, 2017

“First class sitting down jazz, this crew knows how to rock it under the radar without putting you to sleep and achieving quite the opposite. “ 

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From El Intruso (translated from Spanish), May 2017

“One of the most promising figures of his generation. The musical influences that characterizes the album melt in a very personal way”

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On the Offlines Project Debut:

“An intelligent collaboration… This album is exciting and varied, and you never quite know what it’ll do next.”

Tom Newell, Songlines Magazine

“This new set is rich with semiticMediterranean traditional sounds and effusive intimate lyrical jazz.”

 Selwyen Harris, Jazzwise Magazine

“The Offlines Project is a bridge between different styles, genres and ages. The musical textures are improvisatory yet always melodic, largely based on the intuition of these two wonderful musicians”. 

Yossi Harsonski, Ma’ariv , Israel


On Can You Tell the Difference?

 “Potent political commentary wrapped in a disarmingly beautiful melody”

DownBeat Magazine, June 2017

“A musician blessed with an extra dose of soul”

Yaakov Bar On, Maariv, January ‘17

“A very moving and encouraging short film giving a heart-warming smile-inducing watch”

Barry Davis, Jerusalem Post, January ‘17

“One of the most exciting young jazz talents in the world today releases an impressive clip that shows the possibilities of peaceful coexistence”

Anna Mašátová, FullMoon.zine, January ’17, Czech Republic



“A brilliant musician, composer, and arranger who melds a multicultural vision with the passion and fury of jazz greats Art Tatum and Thelonious Monk. A world traveler who goes beyond soloing and embraces the art of improvisation as a soul-soothing and necessary form of communication.”

Tom Henry, Toledo Blade, ’16, Ohio full article

“Talented young musical emissary who expertly blend the folkloric sound of his homeland with the improvising aesthetic of jazz.”

Peter Hum, Ottowa Citizen, March ’15, Canada full article

“Intimate harmonizing of the songs, wordless communication with smiles and hardly noticeable gestures, made from the interplay of the performance a very intimate affair, while the entire hall was listening with held breath.”

Barka Fabiánová,, April ’15, Prague

“Mintus unfurled blues-infused jazz and Middle Eastern lines with consummate and natural ease.”

Barry Davis, ’16, Jerusalem Post

“Mintus has a basically collaborative spirit, and a boundless curiosity expressed in his compositions and his performances, his music embraces other traditions, in a way that’s become the way of the jazz world these days. “

Gerhard Tischler, The Georgetowner, ‘16 DC

“Mintus was marvelous. Fluid and passionate, he brought wonderful colors and moods to the compositions.”

Dbdbd Music Magazine, October ’14, New York

“Demonstrates what unites us through the music”

Georgia Georgakarakou, Ta Nea, August ’14, Greece