As a strong believer in the unique power of music to heal, connect and inspire people, Guy is a dedicated educator donating at least one workshop on each of his tours. So far, Guy has taught at a wide range of institutions from refugee camps around Europe to elementary schools, from villages in India to universities around the world, a partial list includes; Royal Conservatory of Madrid, University of Cincinnati, University of Toledo, Bern’s Rudolf Steiner School, Tel Aviv-Vienna Vocal Connection and the Thelma Yellin High School of arts among others.

The main two workshops that Guy offer deal with Improvisation; Musical Expressions as Windows to our Soul, and with opening up musicians and listeners alike to different musical concepts from around the world especially from the middle east. The workshops’ contents are adjusted according to its audience and time frame. The workshops has been taught so far to Jazz Students, Opera singers, classical instrumentalist, visual arts majors, Elementary school kids and music lovers from around the world.


Meeting Points: 

World Music Concepts for Jazz & Classical musicians


Improvisation Workshop:

Musical Expressions as Windows to our Soul


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